Thursday, January 28, 2016

Oracle Capital Signs MoU with IndusView and Rudra Dalmia for Expansion to India

27 January 2016, London and Delhi: Oracle Capital Group, the global independent multi-family office and wealth management company, has signed a memorandum of understanding to form a Joint Venture with IndusView UK Limited, the London-based India advisory firm, and reputed financial services professional Rudra Dalmia to establish their presence in the Indian market.

The partnership will facilitate the expansion of Oracle Capital Group into the Indian market, ranking fourth in the highest number of Ultra High Net Worth Households (UHNW) in the world according to the Boston Consulting Group.

The collaboration with IndusView and Mr. Dalmia will open up significant opportunities for Oracle Capital Group in India and bring access to a number of Indian family and corporate networks.

IndusView’s founder Bundeep Singh Rangar has a proven decade-long track record of advising family-owned businesses on commercial opportunities emanating from India’s fast growing economy. This includes the facilitation of Del Monte Pacific Limited investment in FieldFresh Foods Pvt. Ltd., the agriculture joint venture between the E.L. Rothschild and India’s Bharti Enterprises Ltd., the holding company of Sunil Mittal, that’s behind India’s largest mobile operator Bharti Airtel Limited and partner of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Mr. Dalmia is a seasoned investment professional with more than 15 years experience in Private Equity, Financial Services and Investment Banking across Asia, Europe and the United States.  He is a well-known investment and socioeconomic commentator and has been featured in various publications globally.  Mr. Dalmia advises a number of Indian and Global family offices and manages discretionary capital for them in India.

He has been the architect of several cross border transactions from countries like UK, Germany, Singapore, Vietnam and United States.  He has acted as Principal or Advisor in a number of industries, including Hospitality, Real Estate, Financial Services, Technology and Wellness. He was the CEO of Saxo Bank India until December 2015.

“India continues to shine in an otherwise cloudy global economy,” said Bundeep Singh Rangar, CEO of IndusView. “With a 7% annual growth rate that’s the highest of any large economy, India’s $2 trillion economy continues to create a new generation of high net worth individuals. Rudra Dalmia and I will work with Oracle Capital to successfully expand and grow in this lucrative market.”

“We are very excited by the prospects of Indian market and the opportunities it brings for Oracle Capital Group”, said Martin Graham, Chairman of Oracle Capital Group. “IndusView and Rudra Dalmia’s extensive network and experience will greatly complement our comprehensive services of investment advisory, wealth structuring and asset protection via the mutual effort of extending our services to high net worth individuals and their family businesses in India.”

Rudra Dalmia stated, “I believe India’s potential married to IndusView’s knowledge bank, and Oracle Capital’s extremely powerful global investor base, will create numerous opportunities for cross border transactions and wealth creation.  I am very excited with our partnership as we are good friends and have worked on several transactions in the past, our synergies are obvious and we have a huge pipeline of opportunities for investors in Oracle Capital Group’s network.”

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Oracle Capital Group is a global independent multi-family office and wealth management company. Founded in 2002, the Group provides one-stop shop solutions for high-net-worth individuals and their families from emerging markets who wish to interact with developed economies. Oracle Capital Group was awarded Family Office of the Year at City of London Wealth Management Awards in 2015 and was counted in the Top Three family offices by Forbes Russia.

Regulated Financial services of Oracle Capital Group are provided through Machlin-Oracle Limited.

Oracle Capital Group has offices and associates in London, Geneva, Nassau, Moscow, Almaty, employs over 100 staff worldwide and operates under regulations of FCA, SRA, ACCA, HMRC, ACRA, OFT, ICO.

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IndusView advises multinational companies and family offices on business opportunities emanating from India's fast growing economy. It identifies growth opportunities and de-risks growth ambitions of multinational companies and family offices in India as a trusted partner that understands the complexities of the Indian market and the commercial drivers of western and Indian enterprises.

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