Monday, February 09, 2015

M&A Deals Jumps to 1,177 in 2014

India saw a merger and acquisition boom in 2014. The total number of M&A deals of Indian companies in 2014 rose to 1,177 the highest ever in a decade and the momentum is set to pick up this year as well, said a report by London-based advisory company IndusView on Friday. M&A deals contributed close to $38 billion from 573 deals and PE deals contributed $12 billion from 604 deals, according to report by advisory firm Grant Thornton. E-commerce within IT space was the major contributor for PE investments with about $4 billion being raised from over 100 deals.
“Last year’s deal value at $50 billion has been a fantastic year for deal making with a very strong foreign investor interest in India,” said Bundeep Singh Rangar, chairman IndusView. “It is expected that 2015 deal-making will grow higher”.
Domestic M&A deals are riding on the consolidation wave with Sun Pharma acquiring Ranbaxy, Kotak merging with ING Vysya and others, it said.

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