Friday, May 08, 2015

London Entrepreneur Launches ‘the Uber of Premium Finance’

London, 13 May 2015 – CEO Bundeep Singh Rangar today announced the launch of PremFina ( – a new player bringing innovation to the traditional UK premium finance market with its white-label premium finance solution. PremFina’s solution means better returns, better retention and greater autonomy for insurance brokers, and it is coming to BIBA 2015 to show them what they’ve been missing out.

PremFina takes premium finance to the next level. It transforms the rigid model adopted by the competition, which sees brokers facilitating rather than managing the issuance of premium finance agreements, using inflexible software and making small referral fees, by providing them instead with their own-branded premium finance facility. PremFina’s white-label solution offers brokers a combination of market-leading software to manage the sale of broker-branded insurance policies to consumers and businesses as well as the financing to enable their customers to pay policy premiums via monthly instalment plans. This means brokers get to keep everything in-house.

Because every industry needs its Uber. PremFina, like Uber, is in the business of changing how things are done by cutting out the middleman, with its disruptive technology. Uber has done it for taxi drivers with their ‘tech startup meets taxi service’ mobile app, giving drivers a platform for accelerating their business by connecting them with the customers directly. PremFina has done it with its premium finance solution that makes insurance brokers more ‘freelance’ by saving them from a hand over of their customer relationship to the financing company.

Like Uber, PremFina takes things up a notch with easy to use, flexible software that tracks the progress of customer journey, has options at every price and for different needs. All this translates into the highest standard customer service. Let’s face it, that’s what it’s all about.

With PremFina, you Give Premium, and Get Premium. That’s right. Our solution gives brokers the ability to brand, set market relevant prices, a bigger interest-based fee and an opportunity to maintain customer touchpoints to upsell and cross sell. It essentially puts the brokers in better control of their business.

“We’re really excited to be going to BIBA this year. It couldn’t be a better timing for us with PremFina launching just in time for the event“ said CEO Bundeep Singh Rangar. “If you want to have a drink and a chat about what we do, or just want to say hi, we’ll be at stand C58.”

The BIBA conference is a flagship event for the UK insurance industry. It offers invaluable networking opportunities and a programme of inspirational keynote speakers, senior industry personalities and experts in insurance and general business related fields. 

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